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Natural Pure Light

New Source of Light

Bioluminescence is light produced by a living organism. After working closely with enthusiastic scientists exploring this phenomenon, we are finally able to naturally illuminate living flowers.

Previously announced glowing floras could only be created by synthetic procedures or genetic modification. The Lumin Essence Solution™ is 100% Natural, in-sync with Humans and the Environment.

Competitor's synthetic methods resulted products with a strong artificial feel. The Lumin Essence Solution™ naturally ads the "Glowing in the Dark" effect to the flowers, while preserving their soft and fluffy texture.

The most abundant source of light on Earth is life itself.

Olivia Judson (evolutionary biologist)

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Debut Edition The First 100% Organic Illuminating Gift

  • Illuminating Rose Symbiote

    A beautiful rose that glows like a Crystal in the Dark.

  • Intelligent Lighting System™

    Fully automated Lighting System™ reacting to the current level of Light.

  • Intense Fragrance Managing Module™

    Built-in Aero Vapor System producing solid Flower Fragrance.